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Evidencing a pure innocence and sweet appeal, Beth captures the attention of many with her vibrant personality, joyful radiance and intrinsic sensuality. Behind her curtain of flowing blonde hair and appealing curves is an extravagant and sincere heart of love and generosity.

In addition to Beth's liveliness is her penchant for creativity. In her teens, Beth traveled through parts of Europe, performing live as a spokes model and musician for a touring ensemble that performed for thousands of people. Her studies also took her abroad where she had the opportunity to engage people of all different cultures and walks of life.

In school, Beth's art received honors and awards showcasing her talent as an excelling student. She currently holds a BA degree in Art and pursues her own vocation as an Internet business franchise owner with her husband.

Today, Beth still loves to create, model, play music and reach out to people who seek love, laughter, wisdom and freedom in life. 

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